The Mid-South Wedding Show - Moving & Storage - Memphis, TN
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Moving & Storage
Tri-State Logistics Moving & Delivery (LLC)
James L. Buckhalter Jr.
Phone Number # 1: (901) 691-1617
Phone Number # 2: (901) 274-8177

A professional moving company
Tell us about your business---- information you would like on the web site.: A professional moving company that offers experience and quality service at a recession price. Owner has over 13,000 moves under his lead and knows the business of on hand professional moving, delivery and customer service. A few of his major contracts has been with the Memphis Housing Authority and the Memphis International Airport. We also offer unbeatable rates for long distance moves.

Memphis Local Pricing: $135 total for 2hrs / $45 per hr thereafter (a $20 fuel fee will be added to the bill at the end of the move.

Long Distance Pricing: $100 per hour for loading time, To & From destination drive time, and unloading time.
Big League MOVERS
3845 Viscount Ave. Suite 105
Memphis, TN
(901) 486-6897
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